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Bob Graham helps individuals, teams and organizations start using a proprietary mix of breakthrough skills and his SMART Leaders Process radically increase productivity, growth and innovation.

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Bob Graham, keynote speaker, author, trainer, coach

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Popular Topics

* Dealing with Generational Differences
(aka Managing Millennials)
* Breakthrough Skills for Leaders and Managers
* Communicating with Clarity and Purpose
* Breakthrough Skills to Go from Manager to Leader
* Using Breakthrough Skills to Boost Performance
* Selling as an Advisor, not a Salesperson

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Who Is Bob Graham?

Bob Graham's experiences as a journalist, marketer, author, teacher, coach and business developer make him uniquely qualified to share powerful lessons with audiences.

He has taught at Johns Hopkins University and Towson University, written for local and national publications, co-authored two books and helped a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to established firms, develop new strategies for success.

What Bob Graham Offers

Breakthrough Communication Skills
Bob Graham's proprietary blend of breakthrough communication skills, including Attunement, Experience Management and Storytelling, ignite people's problem-solving and innovation in novel ways.
The SMART Leader Process
Bob Graham's SMART Leader Process enables individuals, teams and companies to build predictable and repeatable processes to drive profits and performance at all levels.

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